I miss him

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Oct 17, 2012 14:22
It's been three weeks I came back to Taiwan. The first few days I did feel very strange. Finally I can understand others easily but somehow I feel I don't really unterstand the conversation.(why?) When I drive or I wait to pay, I become very slow. Maybe it's not my problem but others are always rush in everything. Yes, that's Taiwan. We don't have much patience and don't like to be kept waiting.

Now I am more used to my country. I get up early and study some German. I still keep in touch with some friends I made there except one guy.

Before I came back to Taiwan, I went to Freiburg to meet a friend. Originally I didn’t want to go there since it’s 6 hours from Goettingen to there. But I thought maybe I won’t have the chance to go back to Europa, and I was told many times that Freiburg is a very beautiful town. So I changed my mind .

I knew one guy on the internet and he lives in Basel. It’s not far from Freiburg so I stayed in his house. Before we met each other, we didn’t talk much. It was a little awkward because we still didn’t have much conversation when we met .( I still can’t explain why would I stay in his house) The first night he made dinner for me and then we watched tv together.

The second day we got up around 13:00. I planned to go to Freiburg but the weather was cloudy. So we just walked along the river for a while and then went back home to watch football game. After dinner, we watched tv again.

On Monday he got up very early because he need to work. It was a surprise that he came to me and gave me a kiss before he left. My airplane was at night, so he left his key and let me leave alone.

It sounds not very exciting but I think I like him. I like the feeling when we were together though we didn't talk much. These days I miss him a lot. I want to meet him again, I want to be his girlfriend, I want to have his baby.. That’s really silly I like someone who is so far away from me. He is very tall and handsome. I am sure there are lot girls want him. I won’t have any chance. So sad….