Time to say goodbye

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Aug 2, 2012 06:57
It's already August. Although I will fly back to Taiwan at the end of September, I won't stay in Germany till then. Before I go back, I will fly to other countries to visit my friends.

This afternoon my roommates came to say goodbye to me. They are a couple, Rosi and Pol. They are going to spend their holidays at north Germany . After that, Pol will go back to Luxemburg and stay there till September. So we are not sure if we can see each other agian or not. ( oh! God, I even want to cry when I write this now).

For me, it's not easy to make friends since most of the time I am very quiet and boring. Rosi is a very outgoing and friendly girl, She really helps me a lot. Her English is very good so that's why I can talk to her. Compared with them, my other roommates are more like typical Germans. Serious, zurückhalten. They won't talk to you unless you start a conversation. It's a pity that I am not good at it. That's why my German is still very bad.

However, I feel I am very lucky that I can live here with them. They are friendly to me though we don't talk to each other much. They often invite me to join something with them even I am not able to understand the language. Acutually Germans like to stay at home , so they often asked me if I want to watch DVD with them, and they are of course in German.

When I was with them, I often had the feeling that they are the only people I am going to miss after I leave. Today when I realized I may not meet Pol again, I suddenly became very sad. It's hard to decribe my feeling.

It's life. People come and go. When I was in Taiwan ,I knew a lot of people who came to Taiwan to learn Chinese. We became good friends and never see each other again. I already had many experiences but it's still not easy for me when the time to say goodbye.