Making friends from internet?

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Jul 23, 2012 06:53
I don't know how about others, as for me, I do make some friends from internet. Many people consider it isn't a good and safe way to make new friends, it's true but life is somehow risky, isn't it?

Yesterday there was a guy who came here to visit me. He lives in north part of Germany and it took 3 hours for him to come here. I know him from internet and we didn't know each other for a long time.

At the beginning I didn't take his words seriously. Three hours for me isn't a short distance. However, I was lookinf forward to meet him since I am bored.

We had great time. We didn't do any special thing but just had some beer and dinner. Here is Germany and what else can you do? He told me he wants to visit me again next week before he left. I don't know will we meet each other again or not but anyway it was a good experience.

I am thinking to go to Ruedesheim on 8/17. I was told it is a nice town and it's also famous of the wine. I know a guy who is from Wiesbaden, and he told me many times he wants to get to know me. He works at Munich currently so it's not easy for us to meet each other.

He told me I can go to Wiesbaden on 8/11 and stay there for a weekend. Then we will have some time to spend together. I told him that weekend is not good for me and asked him why we couldn't meet on the next weekend. He said he will only stay there till the morning of 18th , so we won't have much time to meet.

Tonight I told him I decide to go there on 8/17 and he just kept saying why I can't go there earlier because he really wants to know me. It's really annoying he said so.

I told him if you really want to spend more time with me, why don't you just come to Goettingen and spend a weekend with me? And then comes the most unexpected answer. ' Where should I stay?"

I can't believe that he should asked me this. When he asked me to go to Wiesbaden to let him get to know me better did I ever asked him this question? And how old are you ? You are even a German! I told him about the guy and he asked me ' How was it?" do you like him?'

I don't really want him to come here because I know he works hard.( Do germans really know what's exactly working hard?). I don't want to ask others to do somoething they don't want because I also don't want to be treated like this way. I just don't understand if you really want to know me, why can't you just comprisily meet me on 8/17? It's very selfish.

Finally, I told him 8/11 will be my period time so it's impossible for me to travel then. And then he realised that why I said it's not good for me. But he told me not good doesn't mean not possible. Well, it's really not considerate and I already feel that I don't want to meet him.

I know I can't genelize things in this way. But I know why German guys get a repution of being boring and not thoughtful. Accourding to my experiences, I can only say I agree with it. There are still some nice guys here, but you just need more time to find them out.