Long time no see

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Jul 7, 2012 06:17
Today earlier one of my floormate went back here. She went to England for a semester as a exchange student. I am so happy to see her again and the weather today is so great though it's obviously too warm for most Germans. I feel great!

We had a small talk and it just reminded me of my trip of London. She saw those pics I took in London on my Facebook and thought I got a very cute boyfriend. Haha! It's really interesting that so many people told me this. They thought I am very lucky to have a cute boyfriend.

He is not my boyfriend but a friend I know from here. It's really amazing we could meet in real life. And yes, I am very lucky because he is very patient, nd the best part is he can speak Chinese!!! Thank you! I am really appreciated what he've done for me. He told me I would do the same things for him when he goes to Taiwan. No, I am afried that I could not be a good tour guild. But anyway, he doesn't really have time to go to Taiwan. ha!

I am curious about her life there and how did she like there? She told me She likes Germany more than England.

The city she went is Manchester, which is a industirous city. She told me the weather there was terrible and it rains all the time. Acutually in Germany we have a lot rain too and it's very unstable . Sometimes it's shinny when I get up, but it becomms cloudy when I make my breakfust.

She also thinks the food in England is horrible. Well, I don't think so. Beofore I went there, I was told many times english food is like the hell. But maybe the food there is not as bad as I expected, maybe I was in a holiday, I think it's ok for me. At least English people eat something warm. Unlike Germans, they always eat something without cooking it first. And what do Germans have ? Bread, wurst. and? Bread.

We both agree that Germany is more beautiful than England. Here there are a lot of trees and the buidings are more well decorated than there. But only the buildings. English guys are more fashioned and groomed than German guys. And how about English girls? who cares!

In London, you will never feel bored. ( Actually I doubt about this, without friends you will feel bored ) There you have lots varied shops to go. I feel in Germany you don't have many choices,like clothes, music, and food. It's all the same. For me, Germans seem don't like to change. Obama should be happy that he is an Amercian not a German.

I ask her how did she feel before coming back? Did she want to stay there longer? She told me she was very happy she could come back because the life just got bored in the end.

I want to know her feeling about English people and did she see any guys there? any exciting stories ? But it's pity that she needs to go back her hometown tonight, we yet to have time to talk about this. Maybe next time.