Bad weather

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Jun 4, 2012 01:09
This week is colder than last one. I am happy I went to London last weekend rather than this. The weather here is very unstable, so many people catch a cold now.

It's rainning now. I get emotional when rainning day. After going back from London, I don't have any mood to work. I feel I hate my job more and more. My supervior just called me but I was cleaning my bathroom . I don't understand why she called me on weekend.

I had a great time in London, especially I had a great tour guide, ha. So I feel extremely boring these days. I skipped my German classes this week and did nothing. I don't want to study German, and spend a lot of time on interent. I still go to exercise, but I don't feel happy after that. Is it because of the weather or it's my personal problem?

My student invited me to join ktv with them yesterday. I don't like singing that much and I felt a little bit akward. The reason why they invited me is because they know I went to London alone. They seem to think I am very lonely here. Am I? maybe.

There was a Taiwanese girl who came to Germany at the same time with me. We study in the same University in Taiwan. She was seeing a German guy a couple of months before. We have the same sad stroies with German. Yesterday I asked her is she seeing anybody now? She told me she is dating with an Mexican but she just want to play with him. And , she complainted to me that the Mexican is really bad in bed.

I am a little schoked by this but i think it's normal at the same time. I went to another party after that. Before I left, a guy sent sms to me and asked me where I am. My students' place is very near the guy's house. I was thinking maybe I can meet him after the party. I drank a lot on the party and got a little druken.

Before I left the party I texted to him and asked does he already sleep or not. My place is located on s slope, so I was lazy to go back with my bike. He told me he is going to sleep but not sleepy yet.

I was really tired and wanted to sleep at his place. I think he is a nice guy and we've hang out before. But I worried he will take this as a sign and I didn't want to run any risk. If I went to his place, it's likely that I would do the same thing with the Taiwanese girl though I didn't plan to. I was drunken then , who knows what would happen.

I was right. He sent me another message and said I can sleep with him. I didn't reply it. Why can he say this to me? Basters are universal.