My trip to Leipzig

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Jan 31, 2012 09:33
Last weekend I went to so-called Easten Germany, Leipzig and Dresden. Originally, I planed to go to visit these two cities when december, but I didn't have enough time and money to do it.

The reason why I want to visit thes two cities partly becuase of they are easten germany before, partly because of my colleague. I mainly want to visit Dresden since I've heard thousand times it's a very beautiful city.( I totally agree with it after going there). Leipizig happens to be the half way to there, and my kollege is from there, so it's perfect !

Honestly, I found I am a little bit cursh on him. I am not sure it's becuase I really like him or because he can speak Chinese. Or, I am just too lonely. Everytime when I am with him, I feel so comfortable. I don't need to speak German or English to him. And most important of all , he is the only alive single guy I know here.

Sometimes we will have lunch together. And he will ask me something like what kind of boy do I like? I think maybe he has some feeling to me. However, things turn out that it's I think too much. He has a new friend 6 weeks ago! I am such an idilot.

But I still need to visit Dresden. I spent first day with him in Leipzig. I would say I completely can't understand why he likes this city so much that he needs to go back here every weekend.( oh! I forget he got a girlfriend here!) Perhaps it's because Dresden is much more beautiful than Leipzig, so it's actually unfair to say that.

Anyway, I had fun there. We had dinner together and walked around the city later. We had chance to talk about something we don't usually talk . It was amazing that you have different feeling when you are in another city.

The day later, we went to a bar. There we drank a lot of beer. I got a serious hangover the next day and felt like I can't do anything. I planed to take the last tram to go back to my hostel, but acutlly I took the earliest one instead. He told me his girlfriend might go the bar too, but she had another plan .I didn't see her eventually.

The second day, It sonwed heavily. And I walked around the city alone with serious headache. It was freazing cold. I asked myself why would I be here? It's so stupid to visit a city when snowing. But after arriving at Dresden, I was so happy I make it. It's so unbeliebeable beautiful.