In a Junk Shop.

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Feb 19, 2012 17:30 translation
Hi everybody! Please, correct my translation of the text from "Read and Speak English". The subject of the lesson is the modal verbs of possibility, certainty, doubt and surprise.

In a Junk Shop. [btw, should I always write nouns in titles in capital letters?]

Justin and Lenny are successful businessmen. They travel along the small towns and villages and buy an antique furniture and pictures from old people or in junk shops. Then they sell them in their shop in a fashionable district of London.
Once in one of the junk shops Lenny found an interesting landscape. He got very excited.
"It must be very valuable. I looked at a signature, it might be Constable."
"Constable! It can't be him! All pictures like this are in art galleries and they are worth a fortune."
"But somebody found a picture like this two years ago. It may be another one," -- objected Lenny.
"Then let's try our old trick. I will offer the shopkeeper 50 pounds for this old chair, which, probably, costs only five, she'll be happy and won't pay any attention to this picture."
"Don't tell her that you want a picture, say that you like a frame very much."
Mrs Griffith was stricken by a price, which a young man wanted to pay for an old chair, which had been standing in a shop window for ages [eternity?]. "They must be insane". When they were leaving, Justin asked about a picture, trying not to show his interest.
"Oh, this is a remarkable picture of the beginning of ХV century," -- said the shopkeeper.
"It can't be. I've seen many pictures like this. It must be ХХ century. It's hard to sell them nowadays, but I could use a frame."
"Ok how much will you give for it?"
"What about 20 pounds?"
"Oh no, dear. It must be much more expensive. It is from the house on a hill."
"Let me have another look at it. Yeah the frame is definitely splendid. I'll give you 100 pounds for it."
Mrs Griffith obviously didn't want to part with her favorite picture and hardly agreed for 150 pounds.
Lucky Lenny ran towards his car while Mrs Griffith shouted to her husband, who was upstairs, to bring another Constable if the oil paint had dried.