千羽鶴; Thousand origami cranes

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Feb 9, 2011 13:28
One day when I got on a train, I saw an old woman sitting on the sheet, who were making a Origami bird, crane.
What did she make it for?

For Japanese, origami is one of the familiar plays in childhood.
I used to make a syuriken; 手裏剣, a kabuto; 兜, a fune; 船, a kamihikouki; 紙飛行機 etc. from paper for origami.
Of them, a crane is special not only because it is a little difficult to make.

You would see a group of thousand origami cranes held together by strings.
It is a kind of a charm.
For example, when a classmate get sick and is admitted into a hospital, each classmates make Origami cranes to send a 千羽鶴 to the friend.
(a 千羽鶴 are not necessarily made by just a thousand of origami cranes.)
So, the 千羽鶴 reflects their wish for the classmate's recovery.

I wish she had made an origami crane for playing with her grandchildren.
Even if her familiar person was sick and hospitalized at that time, I wish there had not been a trouble with it.