An occurrence like yesterday's drama (*^-^*) (優しい日本人男性♥)

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Nov 28, 2011 12:29
I indicated the reply of the questionnaire at the request of a mother's work yesterday.

The questionnaire had becoming a booklet of one volume and writing had much quantity.

I went to Starbucks with a questionnaire book and a pen case and a tumbler.

I ordered "Ginger bread latte" and worked on the entry of the questionnaire.

In a few minutes,
I noticed that I did not have an eraser.

The man like the university student sat in my neighbor and studied.

I called out to a man with courage apologetically.

"I'm sorry... let me use your an eraser just a little..."

He said
"No problem! Please use.^^"

He handed the rectangular eraser to me.

"Thank you"
I sait to hem.

It was returned to him, using me immediately.

He was cool and nice guy.(His face was sweet

My questionnaire book went smoothly after that.

In a few minutes
The man talked to me.

" I will give you it. Please use it."

It had cut the eraser which I borrowed!

I was surprised and thankful to him.

I finish a questionnaire book to the last and purchase the charge card of Starbucks at the counter of a store.

I gave him it before going out.

Thank you very much some time ago.
Thus please drink your favorite thing what it is."

He was also surprised and glad.

I left the shop.

Thanks for reading this post as usual.

I wish to express my gratitude to everybody☆