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Apr 26, 2012 14:04
Hi there!!

It's well known that you shouldn't lie down as soon as you finish eating something. That's why I decided to write something while I take a rest before I go to sleep even if it's about midnight.

So, I'll continue answering the possible questions I could be asked in an in ternational exam I'm about to take. I think I have made big progress thanks to you.

Let's get it started!!

**So Alexander, why are you taking this exam?

I'm pursuing higher studies abroad, and universities as well as embassies demand international English certifications in order to be accepted. In addition, speaking another language has always been seen in my country as a very good professional quality. Nowadays, enterprises are starting to ask for international exams to confirm information that people provides in their CVs. So, I think it makes part of my professional formation.

**What kind of studies are you pursuing?

I'm not quite sure which branch of my field I'm going to choose. I'm interested in go into depth in so many areas, that it is difficult to select just one. Didactics, linguistics, pedagogy and humanities in general catch my attention and everyone of them is special in a certain way. I'll see what life will bring me.

**What do you do in your free time?

My free time is really short. I like to share time with my family seeing how my little brothers grow up. Passing time with me and other the other members, help them reinforce their self-esteem. I also have a girlfriend that I love. We go to the cinema once a month and I also teach her French. I admire her because she has a musicien ear and her pronunctiation is excellent (in fact she's an opera singer). When I'm alone, I like trying to learn other languages. Learning and reading about them is really pleasant to me. Besides I try to perfect my French and English which are true clues to my success.

Well. It's midnight and I'm sleepy.

Thanks again for helping me!!!