Star Festival (七夕)

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Aug 19, 2011 20:50

Do you know the legend of Tanabata?

There was a very close couple, the Weaver (Vega) and the Cowherd (Altair).

They were so lovesick that they couldn't work well.

It made the god angry.

The god made the Milkey way between the couple so as not to come together.

But he allowed them to meet up once a year, on July 7th.

On August 7th, I went to the Star Festival in my hometown.

STAR FESTIVAL, called Tanabata in Japanese, is usually held on July 7th.

Because July 7th in the lunar calendar marks around August 7th in the solar one,

we hold the festival in August.

In the festival, people write their wishes on strips of paper.

I found many of them written by children.