This is the first diary ☆

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Jan 16, 2011 14:34
hi everyone.
this is the first diary ;-)

in Tokyo ,its very cold.

i cooked Quiche today.
this is very delicious ,easy and early.

let's try!!!

material...olive oil
salt and pepper
egg 1
fresh cream 100ml
cheese 50g (cheese that exists in refrigeratot)
meat (chicken or bacon. I used bacon)
vegetable (Fovorite vegetable)
*I used potato ,tomato, mushroom

1/the vegetable and cheese,bacon is cut.

2/oil and vegetable into the pan..
then its stir-fried.

3/egg and fresh cream in to bowl.
Mix it.
then sprinkles some salt and pepper in it.

4/put the vegetable into Heatproof plate.
and sprinkles cheese on vegetable.

then pours some cream .(egg and fresh cream)

5/ it burns for 20 minutes , the oven of 180degrees.

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