3th. July 2011, Belarus

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Jul 3, 2011 23:32 http://charter97.org/
We have the 17-year strange and unfair dictatorship regime of our president.

After regular election of the president in the Republic of Belarus on 19th. December he had 79% of voices... Is it a very extraordinary amount, is not it?
I doubt it as most of inhabitants of Belarus...

Our government don't cope with its responsibilities.
We have a complete economic collapse in our country now.
Prices has already risen twice or 3 times...
Salaries and pensions are down.
There is not enough currency and we have 3 levels of exchange rate that is why we can't buy in exchange offices.
Small private enterprises are bankrupting or are simply closing.
There is no future for anybody, especially for young people.

In all famous social nets there is words aboutRevolution trough the Internet” and last month every Wednesday (until 3th July) our people are going out to central square and claping one theirs hands.. And that is all. If we make other actions we would be in jail. But some people has been arrested yet.
It was in most of cities of Belarus.

The latest action is going on 3. July.
There is Independence Day celebration in the Minsk today.
I read on the Internet he president ordered to all military from all regions of Belarus to go to Minsk for the suppression of resistance.
In the morning we have had the parade where were only special invited or came forcibly people. There weren't common people at all.
We have had parade where nobody claped one its hands)))
Because our president said so, he banned this action.

The 1th stage of resistance didn't realize not fully.
But president is very afraid.
Next action is going to be in the evening.
I think we couldn’t do a lot today... But we are trying.

And now he is very scared and doesn't trust anyone.

Results: in the evening many people were beaten, were caught and imprisoned, was used tear gas...