Drinking tea

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Jun 23, 2011 19:13 dream
Drinking tea takes the special place in our lives.
Many people like a tea and many like a coffee.
I belong to the 1. one.
I like drinking tea very much. I can not live without it!!!
I prefer more black tea than other, but I like sometimes green and red ones. I like herb tee too, I drink often it in the evening or before I go for asleep.
I have the ritual of tea every day. I have counted I drink 6 or more cup of tee a day.
Especially I like drinking tea after work in the evening...
It is so pleasant moment of a day:):
...I am coming home, making the tee of tasty tea, siting in a chair, drinking the tea and thinking about the past day, future plans, books, my friends, my family, man I love...
I think that ritual makes my dreams true.
I wish Your cherished dream would come true obligatory!

What tea do You like?