I hate toothache! I hate treating my teeth!

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Jun 7, 2011 23:00
All my life I have fear of dentists.
I have in my mind one сase from my childhood: when I was 5 I was brought to dentist mom and dad. I was craying all treatment time.

Now I am adult and I visit my dentist twice a year.
On Sunday I felt the toothache but i was hoping it was passing by....
Well, nothing...
Sunday night i wasnt sleeping almost... No pills werent helping...
Monday morning I went to my complicated courses with my toothache and headhache too.
I called my doctor and asked to him for teeth treatment.
It was very hot yesterday...+32
My tooth was driving me crazy...
When I came to doctor I said: Please, kill me!!
But my dentist is the men who have a very good sense of humor)))
He answered me: "There are other people who have this job, but I am not they"
Dentist directed me to the taking tooth photo and then he reamed my tooth.
That was pulpitis...which my Doctor could not treat due to tooth complications immediately...
Now i am walking and working with my untreatmented tooth until Friday...

Likes anyone treating teeth?