Cookie recipe "Sandwich"

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Jun 1, 2011 06:47
I like all sweets very much - I have already talked about it.
I cant refuse chocolate, cookies, candies, ice creams, cakes etc.
I know that Im not alone, that is way I give You a simple but very tasty cookie recipe. Its name is "Sandwich".
You need next ingredients:
1. for pastry dough: 1-2 eggs, 1/2 pack of a cold margarine(or butter), 3 glasses of flour, 1/2 glass of shugar,1/2 baking powder, a salt.
2. for filling: sour jam.
The steps:
1. The cold margarine(or butter) grates with coarse grater.
2. Eggs beat with shugar and a little salt very good.
3. All previous ingredients and baking powde mix with Your hands.
4. Then that mix divides in 2 parts: the 1. one is a little bigger, the 2. one is a little smaller. Both parts put in cold (deep freeze) for 40 minutes.
5. Not very big baking sheet from the stove greases with oil.
6. The biggest part grates with coarse grater on greased baking sheet and distributes uniformly on sheet.
7. Then a sour jam distributes uniformly on it.
8. The smallest part grates with coarse grater on a sour jam, distributes uniforml but not completely. You can see a sour jam partiall.
9. You put the sheet with cookie to the stove and leave it for 40-45 minute (170 Degrees by Celsius).
10. Then cookie cool and cut.

Mmm... I like it!
Bon appetite!