The Great Baltic Sea

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Aug 28, 2014 05:10 The Baltic Sea
In the beginning of July I travelled to the Baltic Sea in Lituaina for several days. I was in the Curonian Spit. There were difucults with getting to the Sea because from Minsk city there isn't direct jorney to this place. I chose Yourdante village for staying at the Baltic Sea because I didn't wont to see and find here a lot of people and tourists. I wanted to find the Sea, sand, air and relax.

My short holiday was amazing. The Baltic Sea was so beautiful as all nature there. I liked them very much. Every day I made joga exirsises, meditation, walking, swimming in the Sea, One day I rented cycle and runn by it. I ate tasty fish and drank cool beer. I met a lot of interesting people including yachtsmens, chief-cooker, fish seller, couple from Kaliningrad with a nice elf baby, girls from Kaunas, Vilnuis and Texas.
It was a most of favorite my traveling.
Thank You, World.