Sport & my life

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Jan 26, 2011 06:37
What can I say about the place of sport in my life? -It is on the important place.
I thought about it today when I made shaping.
I want to own my body, but not the body owns me.

I did Athletics at school for 6 years. I took part in not very big competitions in Athletics in my country. Then I gave up athletics.

After I studied at university and I was in volleyball-team. I play volleyball im summer on the beach now))

For the past 6 Years I do shaping, becouse I wаnt to be healthy and to feel tone.
I am a master in this case. I can I can teach it)))

The past year changed me much. Im thinking to do yoga. It is closer for me now as the shaping. I was on 2 trainings of the yoga. I liked it. I will do yoga.))

I do sport, becouse I want to be allright.