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Jan 12, 2011 04:24
The famous philosopher Socrates said once :"We are eating to live, but arent living to eat". I agree wit him because the food is our resource for the live.
But all people like to eat tasty (even it was onse a day):). Everybody has its favorite dish or kind of food.
I like coking though i eat not a lot of food. Im a gourmet))) A really big gourmet)). The most from my friend call me to ask about tasty recipes. I help them odligatory.
I like various things if food. I can list they long, but I will talk about main favorite food. So I like- cheeze, pasta, pizza, kefir, fish, salads, chicken, potatopancakes (including with a meat or mushrooms),pitta bread with a different stuffing, Ukrainian borscht, mushrooms and so on...
As other girls I like sweets very much: chocolate, ice cream, candies (excluding candied roasted nuts), cakes, pancakes, pies, cookies....! I forgot to say about the strudel with сherries...
From alcohol-drinks I like wine, beer, a red martini, mulled wine. I cook the last one myself- from red or white wine. I cook it on holidays or in a cold winter.
As somebody need for my help in cooking, so ask me. I will answer obligatory.