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Jan 10, 2011 03:42
Im Helena. I live in Belarus in city Minsk. 2 and 10 Millions people live here in Minsk and in all country respectively. I think it is not so few, but it is not so much as in Tokyo(for example), that has 9,5 Millions people, and in all Japan- 127 Mlns people...So much people, I suppose the most of them - are very lonely.
The second name of my country is - "The land ot thousands lakes". And that is true... There are 11 thousands lakes (51 main lakes) in Belarus. I know, not all small lakes and rivers have their names. The Beauty of our nature is clean and nique.
My country (Belarus) is 800 y.o. and so it has various sights and many interestjng and beautiful plases for visites. We have nice cities,remarkable castles and marvelous сhurches (but mostly dilapidated), great nature, open-armed people:)