My talkative colleague

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Nov 1, 2012 00:26 men man relationship people psychology idiom
There is one colleague-boy in my project-team. He is enough smart, attractive, funny, but a very talkative... He can't be trusted by anything... by any secret or personal information or accident.

He is my boss, however a small but boss yet. He is 28 y.o - a real men:) I though so recently.

I met this kind of man the first time. It is very strange for me. Such men behavior. Few times I told him some personal facts and he told to all team. It repeated 2 or more times.

I am very angry with him.
Isn't this his behavior a normal one, is it?
Doesn't he understand, does he?

Today I stepped on the same rakes again...accidentally.

Have you met these people? What did you do with this their behavior?
What I should do with this men?