My Nightmare journeys

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Oct 29, 2012 05:10 Kaliningrad journey
Actually I haven’t had total nightmare journeys yet. But bad part of journeys sometimes happens.

E.g. I tell you about two incidents with Kaliningrad.
The 1st incident.
We went on summer vacation to the Baltic Sea through Poland and Russia. We were late because of the borders, so we got to Kaliningrad at midnight only. When I saw that the apartment which I have found and prebooked on the Internet I was disappointed. It was awful... and differed from the photos very much. But it was already after midnight so there was no other way. We had to stay and live there the next 2 days.
The 2nd incident.
There was a Saturday in Kaliningrad and we were looking for currency exchange a very long time on this day in Kaliningrad. There weren’t any currency exchange, even in the malls. We had enough money but we could not buy anything. We wasted 2 hours before we found it...
The 2nd incident.
After staying in Kaliningrad we were crossing the russian-polish border in a very small city Mamonovo. Russian borders border detained us because of my first name. They didn’t like that it was difference between my name spelling in Russian and English: Елена and Alena). Borders were holding us 40 minutes. After the clarification they finally let go us to go to Poland.
After all incidents with Kaliningrad I don’t like this city.