How to be an interesting person

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May 13, 2012 20:20
Not all people have good communicative skills thus many of them ask themselves about how to be a interesting person.
Then their communication circle will expand and other people will show interest to them.
Are you remember, you are already an interesting person!

There are set of tags for "interesting person"s definition:

1. Your contrast from others:
- But do not over do it:). That should be causing interest contrast but shouldn't be frightening one.
2. Deep hobby and interests
3. An aura of mystery around you
4. A sharp mind and sense of humor
- These are the most intense characters for cause interest of people.

There are some useful advice in addition:
- work on own image
- self-development
- get out your bad habits
- find you unique features and show them to the people

Good luck!