How to increase the intellect

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Mar 5, 2012 01:58 Mind intellect
The people carried on for their self-development always interest how to increase their intellect. Your mind requires of tasks as your body. If you regular and correctly use your mind so you'll think more productively and could concentrate easier. On the contrary if you don't use your mind then your capacities for studying and thinking will decrease.

There are 5 ways to increase the productivity of your mind:

1 – Minimize the time for TV watching:
You don't use your mind during the TV's watching and your mind doesn't rest at the same time. If you tired so listen to music, read the books, sleep

2 – Do physical exercises:
After the physical exercises productivity of your mind increases significantly. Inspiration and energy appear.

3 – Read stimulating books:
If you want to improve your ability to think and write you should read the books that force you to concentrate.

4 - Go for asleep early and sleep enough:
You should sleep at least 8 hours. If you wake up late and then work until late then you'll very scattered daylong. Then you wake up earlier those you'll have productive working hours in reserve.

5 – Choose the time to think:
You can understand what is the most important for you and what isn't.