How can you enjoy your loneliness?

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Mar 2, 2012 17:33 hapiness loneliness
For many people a loneliness is a kind of a illness: they try to avoid it always, and if it willn’t happen these people really suffer.
But a loneliness is in fact your real friend. Especially if you can using its advantages.

Step 1 - Accept your loneliness.
Think you got this time stage to know something, to deal with the internal unsolved problem. Until you don’t solve it you will be a lonely person. Acceptance of the loneliness means acceptance of yourself: you always love yourself if you are alone or when aren’t and anjoy every changes.

Step 2 – Use the time wisely.
Loneliness is a best resource for your self-development. Just now you have possibilities to successfully work with your problems, to set and achieve goals, to try on new knowledge, to develop mentally and intellectually, to relax and meditate.

Step 3 - Analyze all.
If you passed all 1-2 steps happily and you are bored of your loneliness but new relationships don’t happen so analyze all causes led to the current situation. Just now is the time to understand your phobias, problems, traumas and solve them. You must solve them and should love yourself. And you’ll get your great future.

Use your lonely time for hobby, do all you have been wanted, relax, have fun:)