Interenet relationships

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Dec 2, 2011 18:42
Many people use Internet to communicate with each other.
We pursue interests: some of us work on Internet, some ones talk to their gone friends, some ones (very shy people) meet to other people, some ones exchange with own houses, some ones look for things, some ones travel only using Internet...

I think there are 10000 reasons why we use the Internet.

At the moment I will ask you about only one issue.

I have one friend. She met one man on the Internet recently.
He is from England and She is from Belarus.
They were speaking a lot of time and really liked each other although they know about each other too fee (almost nothing).
He think she'll run over to him.
In 1.5 month this couple decided to meet in real life in Ukraine to see each other for 3 days.

What do you think about this story and their future?
Can you give them any advices?

Do you believe in serious acquaintances and then relationships using the Internet regarding people from different countries?

Thank you for your attention.