My new job

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Aug 7, 2011 19:24
Hello friends!
May by You want to ask me why was I on this site a month ago?
There is so simpe answer))
I was looking for new job. And I found it.
I worked as an accountant before.
Then I understood Accounting that is not something this I would like to do all my life.
I ended the special courses and started to look for new work without any practical experience but with a big wish to studying and new knowledges
I am Software Tester now:)
I've already worked at new work for a mounth.
At first it was very difficult. I have not enough technical English and technical knowledges. New company, new people, new job. I was very tired.
But it getting easier. And I am very tryes to know all needed knowings. I'm testing the web-site now. I like this process. It is interesting and informative.

I hope all will be OK.
I'm really proud of myself.