Russian Traditional Remedies

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May 24, 2011 08:23
Treating diseases by using traditional Russian remedies is very common among Russians.

Many doctors, before prescribing very serious medications with lots of side effects, try out folk

remedies on their patients. Since my father is a doctor, he also believes that treating common ailments

with help of remedies is effective. Raw garlic, milk with honey, gorchichniki, and tablets of coal are

some of them that he used when I was growing up.

Winter time is a flu season. Since the infection can be spread very fast, people try to protect

themselves eating raw garlic. It contains phytoncaedos that according to Russians kill the diseases-

even viruses as strong as flu. Some parents put a piece of garlic in their children's pockets when they

go to school in order to prevent getting infected from sick students in their class.

Warm milk with honey is not just a delicious drink, but a great medicine for a cold and sore

throat. Also, since honey contains many essential microelements and antioxidants, it helps to boost the

immune system greatly. However, if a person is allergic to honey or milk, he wants to consider trying a

different remedy such as gorchichniki, for example.

When people have a bad cough, they may use gorchichnikismall pieces of paper covered

with a layer of mustard flour that are available in any drugstore. In medicine, they are used to cause a

rush of blood to the skin and warm up a patient. The gorchichniki are first soaked in very warm water,

and then applied to the chest and back of the person suffering from the cough for 10 to 20 minutes.

The patient should be covered with a warm blanket during the treatment. After the procedure, the

person should stay in bed for the night so as not to lose the warmth gained from the gorchichniki.

According to the stereotype that Russians drink vodka like water, everyday and everynight, I am

still wondering why there is no stereotype of how wonderful we can treat a hangover after drinking

because we definitely can. Three or four tablets of coal after consuming some amount of alcohol can

make a big difference of how a person feels himself on the next morning. Russians believe that coal

absorbs all toxic substances. It is very effective and inexpensive medicine for alcohol intoxication.

In conclusion, all of these remedies that were used in my family while I was growing up had

proved its effectiveness against common ailments. It is a natural solution for many health problems

that worth trying.