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Jul 27, 2012 21:23
It was a little cold this morning so I felt cold when I was waiting for the commute train at the platform.
On second thought, this season has rain and humid so I often feel cold sometimes.
However Okinawa prefecture passed the rainy and humid season.
There is southeastern of Japan so there is always hot and warm weather,
I like it.
I went there about 5 times.
I went there for the first time when I was a university student.
However the US had Okinawa prefecture because Japan lost the second war.
The US has Okinawa prefecture after the second war the end.
That’s why Okinawa has a lot of sadness histories.
Also a lot of people have loneliness and sadness so they are victim from the second war.
They are still suffering from the US soldiers, you know.
They have noisy and dangerous nearby their house.
I want to the world will have sharing with a lot of countries; also people will have sharing and realize to each other.