The Japanese Prime Minister Noda appealed.

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Jun 2, 2012 00:28
The US government attend Pacific Islands summit for the first time.
It was held in Nago city in Okinawa.
The US worried clear about Asian Pacific territories of China and other countries.
China raised friction with countries where around the South China Sea.
On the other hand, they are increasing that the armaments and influence to any Islands in the Pacific.
That’s why the US is caution will be emphasized to China.
The US also has coalition with Japan check to Chinese government behaviors.

The Japanese Prime Minister Noda appealed that China will be increase transparency the help from any countries at the press conference on May 26thafter the Pacific Island Summit.
He also appealed they keep that developed countries decided the rule.

Japan held that summit to reinforcement of relationships with the islands in the Pacific Ocean as for every three years.
They had conversation to resources from the sea for the first time because China had problems with other countries about develop to resources.
Any countries had been worrying about China’s behavior

The kroon affairs of state Deputy under Secretary attended the first participation, who said that we involve this area would be more reinforcement after the Obama Administration.

However, China indicated that that summit will be checking China’s strategy.
I have known that territories problem between China and any countries, and also South Korea.
I think they have to check and realize that territorial history.
It will be resolved their problems, and why do they check the history?
I can’t understand.

I hope that problems will be resolve sooner and true.