You still stay up tonight, my lovers?

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May 25, 2012 12:23
You still stay up tonight, my lovers?
I stay in side of urban.
I am putting away my baggage and I am smoking.
I am writing as letter for you while I am smoking.
I somehow relieved now.
We were drinking a cup of tea while we were waiting for the train.
We often went to that tea house and I find a match which I got at that tea house.
The name of that tea house is on topsoil of that match.
I think that you are not here.
Our memories are in that match box.
I will enclose it in the letter and send to you.
You will get this letter when I already start my job.
You can touch my words on the letter but you will not cry.
It is my hope at the least.

We meet again someday.