According to the U.S. high government official.

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May 19, 2012 17:49
The 38th summit started in Camp David which is close to Washington on May 18th, and G8 leaders had cooperation that stop to nuclear test of North Korea.
They had conversations about the nuclear problem of North Korea, politics and safe of Syria and so on.
They agreed on recognition that if North Korea's behavior is provocation, it will stand alone continues more North Korea.
The Japanese Prime Minister Noda had statement that we have to prospect the North Korea’s provocative behavior so we tell firm intention to them.
He also said emphasize that it will be resolve which need Chinese government’s mission.
Prime Minister Russian Medvedev also said that we had agreement about North Korea’s problems.
According to the U.S. high government official, G8 leaders said that North Korea has to obey the international conventional and if they will not obey it, they will be stand alone all over the world.
However, North Korea is continuing to do the nuclear test after they made a mistake it was discourage missile.

I can’t realize what North Korea is thinking.
They have to have good relationship with all over the world.
If they continue do impolite anything, their government will be destroy by the nation of North Korea.