I was relieved a while ago because our problem will be resolved soon.

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Apr 25, 2012 12:22
I will work for another 3 days until consecutive holidays.
I want to it is coming pretty soon because I am tired these days.
It was Tommy’s violence of his words and behavior.
He had bad speech and behavior last night.
I was working overtime last night though I was tired.
However, I was concentration for my job.
It needs concentration, so I was exhausted after I finished it.
However, Tommy had backbiting about any his subordinates.
He is always weaker to his manager, but he is too strong for his subordinates.
I often such people the same as Tommy’s personality.
They are rude and stupid, also they are like Tommy.
I will work with Tommy the whole day, but I will not have involved with him at the least.
You think so, too?
Have a nice day!
Good luck for your today!