I think every people are not good at Monday.

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Apr 23, 2012 12:24
It was raining this morning, but it will stop this afternoon that I think.
I also want to atop the rain until this evening because it is always troublesome.
However, some people want to the rain because their products are affect by water, so they want to the rain, especially, veritable.
If their products little, those price will be high, and consumers will not buy plenty of veritable so both of people will be have a trouble.

Today is Monday, so I will very careful of myself, especially at the workplace.
I will keep calm and quiet, I remember that my horoscope will be a little bad when I was watching on TV, and announcer said it.
I was a little care of that.

I will warn about today. And I will invite pretty good night.
That’s why I will be relieved.
I always feel when Monday is the end.
I think every people are not good at Monday.
Good luck, today!