Maybe I was insomnia recently.

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Mar 22, 2012 06:26
My feelings were good this morning because of sleep.
I have been sleeping well theses days due to stresses from my work.
Maybe I was insomnia recently.
That’s why I took sleeping pills last night after supper though I thought it was not good resolve.
Most people often take sleeping pills because they can’t sleeping well and without of a choice, and I think modern period has a lot of problems, for instance, difficult to have good relationship with anyone.
I think this world had a lot of problems recently since people started live in the earth.
People gave bad environments to the earth, for instance, global warming, destroyed natural and so on.
They live in the earth that they let the earth would be destroyed, especially the natural.
I think that they will stop destroy the nature on the earth, and also they should stop make the nuclear plant and atomic bomb.
Do you agree with me?
My hope is that people will have pretty good relation ship and they will stop destroy the earth.
Anyone thinks similar to me, so we start that it will be resolve which is we have a lot of problems.
We can do it!