I can get into upper class.

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Jan 26, 2012 23:44
I met a friend, Lee who came to Japan from Australia about a decade ago.
So she can speak English very well and her English is oozy English.
I talked with her about anything for about two hours last nigh.
Her English was very good as ever.

And then we talked about next fiscal year and I will get into upper class.
I heard that I was really happy when I can get into upper class.
Do you understand what my feelings?

After that I was going to a pub as always but last night was really cold.
So I went to a store and bought a few raw fish.
And I went back straight to my home.
First, I took a bath.
I have started drank a bottle of beer and ate it.
I slept well last night so my feelings are good this morning.
I feel today will be better day.