I can get three consecutive holidays.

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Sep 16, 2011 23:59
The branch manager’s order is always difficult for me.
I’m afraid that I will not to solution so I am a little nervous now.
I get a new my job then, and I think it is too difficult, and I’ve never did it so far.
But I will do my best for it will be resulted next week.
I feel it is troublesome and difficult.

Anyway, I can get three consecutive holidays; it will start tomorrow until Sunday.
So I will forget that order and I will enjoy anything in those holidays.
First of all, I will play tennis for two days, it is Saturday and Sunday.
I couldn’t play tennis for about two weeks so maybe I hesitate to when I start play tennis.
I also do my best for tennis.

Then I am planning to watch the movies that I recorded last week.
I think it is fun.
I will have nice holidays.