Annular solar eclipse

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May 21, 2012 20:33
In this early morning, I observed annular solar eclipse. Three years ago, I went to watch total solar eclipse in Yakushima, but the whether was bad, and I couldn't do that. However, it became very dark as evening. I knew it, so I expected that it would be dark this time like in Yakushima, but it just became slightly dark by the naked eye. It looked like I was in a old photo, and I thought my eyes were something wrong. Using muffled glass, I found the moon was there. News said that the temperature dropped 1℃ during the eclipse.

In Japanese, annular solar eclipse is called that 金冠(kinkan, golden clown)日食(eclipse), so my friend thought that 金星(Kinsei, Venus) interrupted the sunlight. I answered him if we can see the Venus is large as this, we should prepare ourselves for our extinction.

Fortunately, we can observe like eclipse by Venus as large as a tiny mole in this June in Japan.
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