Flowers on Road of Kinugasa at the begining of May

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May 1, 2012 19:52
The road among Kinkakuji, Ryo-anji, Nin-naji and further is called Kinugasa-no-mich. At May in Japan, the season of cherry blossoms have gone, and the season of young leaves and flowers of azaleas, "tsutsuji", comes. The first picture shows the flowers on the Kinugasa-no-michi around Nin-naji. After I followed the pass for a while, I found some bamboo groves. Now, Bamboo sprout is tasty. After I headed along the road more, I found the pond of Hirosawa, and I found iris at the edge of it. The third picture is the irises, and they showed my goal of the walking with the flavor of May was near.
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