Mock exam of TOEFL

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Oct 26, 2011 23:23
TOEFL is known as a major English certificate exam and the score is often used for qualifying the English ability of the candidate to enter higher educational institute. In Japan, there is some systems which financially support to study abroad and most of the application requires the TOEFL score for some extent. I found this the day before yesterday and I tried mock exam of TOEFL to estimate how difficult the exam is.

I understood I was in a bad situation. The limited time is too short. I have twenty minutes to solve two long sentences reading problems, but it took fifteen minutes in the first sentences. I must solve another one for five minutes. Next is listening test. I must listen the conversation between a couple of friends, but the conversation was too calm! The listening test had finished during I thought, 'they can't be friends. I haven't heard such calm conversation between friends', so I couldn't concentrate it. Speaking test.....there is no way to solve it because I rarely speak English.

Last was writing test! At last, I had a chance to show my ability which was polished in Lang-8! The problem was that 'Which do you prefer excise indoor or outdoor? Write your opinion with proper reason.(writing more than 300 words was recommended).'. I don't care either way! Of course, I couldn't write the opinion about this more than 300 words (I wrote about 100 words).

Please, don't ask me about the result!

Though the reason why I start Lang-8 is that I wanted to let someone laugh in English and to have you begging me to teach you English, for a while, can I change the goal that I get a good score of TOEFL?