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Jul 16, 2013 14:40
Last Saturday, my younger son and his wife visited us and stayed the night.
It was the first time that my daughter-in-law stayed overnight.
We talked about my son's and her childhood.
I talked about my childhood too.

Through the conversation, I noticed that my son is a little influenced by me.
His wife said that he likes to imitate others and he often says it's because of me.
She complained that he bought too many foliage plants, but my son insisted that he needed them in his

I used to imitate my kids, my husband, and my father-in-law to make people laugh.
My house has some foliage plants even now.
I apologized her, but I was a little happy that my son has some resemblance to me leaving right or wrong.
I told her that a married couple needs accepting each other's taste and talked about my husband and I.

She was so gentle and my son looked comfortable with her.
I was really happy that my son could meet her.