City Chat Cafe (We Are All Children of Mother Earth.)

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May 20, 2014 16:33
Last weekend was very international for me because I had some chances talking with people from Indonesia, China, Kenya, Tunisia, Malawi, and Zimbabwean.

I wrote about City Chat Cafe and I met an Indonesian girl who is studying architecture at Tsukuba University.
She is so nice that I feel like she's my daughter.
Since she asked me to help her group of a seminar, I acted as a volunteer interpreter to help their research for our town on last Saturday.
We talked in English and a little Japanese because each nationality is different.
It was really interesting experience for me.

On Sunday, I joined in City Chat Cafe and met two men from Africa, Malawi and Zimbabwean.
Both of them had a strong will to do something for their country.

I think we fellow human beings are children of Mother Earth, so we are all brothers and sisters.
Our Mother Earth has given us its blessings for a long time.
However, we have been killed each other and destroyed nature.
If all the people in the world could think they were sibling, there would be no conflicts.

I hope I become like a mother for international students though I'm just a middle aged woman.