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May 21, 2013 16:50
Once my Kazakh friend said that she had never seen any red radishes( she said so) at Japanese supermarkets.
She told me that they are essential to borsch.

Last Tuesday, I thought I could find the radish when I saw a red turnip at the farmer's shop.
Since the woman who made them happened to be at the place, I said to her "My friends who is from Kazakhstan needs some red radish to make borsch. I am wondering if these are the ones."
She answered, "Maybe they are not. I think red beets are used for making borsch. Since there are some red beets in my farm, I'll bring them now."
I was a little surprised, but I accepted her kind offer.

After a while, she brought some little red beets and said, "I usually use leaves of beets for salad. So I'd like to know how to make borsch. Will you ask her how to make it and tell me?"
And then, she handed cute flowers to me and asked me to give them to my friend.
I answered with a smile, "Sure, I will."

I brought them to my friend yesterday.
She was really pleased with them and promised that she would make borsch and have lunch with me next week.
Since she asked me what kind of return gift she should give to the woman, I answered that the recipe of borsch would be good.