The Effect of Hugging (part 2)

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Jan 26, 2016 21:34
My husband and I have hugged each other to make our relationship better since December 28th (Check my entry on December 29th).
I can feel the effects, these days even though it didn't pass one month yet.

My husband took the laundries in our house when I came home after 5 p.m. last Friday.
As soon as I came into the living room saying, "I'm home!" to my husband, I saw the laundries which were put on the table.
Though I noticed that the laundries were left being on the clothes hanger, I started to make dinner.
I knew I wasn't be able to expect him to hold the laundries because he didn't think It was his job.
To my amazement, he held the laundries while I was making dinner though there were my daughter's pretties!
When my daughter came home from her work, I said about it.
She said, " Wow! It's the effect of hugging, right? Thank heaven my underpants wasn't sexy ones"
Recently, my husband is always in a good humor and I'm happy to be with him.
I realize hugging with partner every day can produce happy days .
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