If You Have Many Tomatoes...

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Jul 25, 2013 15:33
One of my friends is a professional farmer, and she gave me many tomatoes, pumpkins, green peppers, and watermelons the other day.
Since the tomatoes got ripe, I made tomato sauce with them.
The way of making the sauce is very simple.

First, cut each tomato into one-fourth size.
Second, put them in a pot.
Then, cook them to become a half quantity of the beginning.
Sometimes stir it not to get scorched.
You can take off the skin while you are stirring, but the skin has nutrition.
That's all!
You don't need to add anything.

Since the sauce tasted good, I just put the sauce on omelet.
I put the remaining sauce into two plastic bags and froze them.
I will use them for meat sauce or something.