A Wonderful Chinese Woman

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May 11, 2014 11:06
I wen to my hometown to help my mother with picking up baby green tea leaves.
Since the very first baby leaves are picked with hands, green tea farmers needs assistants who work in the field.
A woman, who is from China and got married with a man living next door, worked with us.
We talked a lot picking up green tea leaves.
She said that she came to Japan to work a factory and met her husband there.
First, he taught her how to work with gestures because she couldn't speak Japanese and she thought he was kind person.
She saw him scolded whenever his disability younger brother failed in his job.
She said there were no men in China who took care of their brother like he did.
So, she was so touched that she wanted to make him happy.
Though he is seventeen older than her, she decided to be married with him and live with his father and younger brother.
She has been married for about ten years and has two daughters.
Her father-in-law died six years ago and lived with her family and younger brother-in-law now.
She must have had hard time living with her in-laws.
I was impressed with her kindness and patience and the image of Chinese was changed.
I'm glad to hear that she is happy now.