An Odd Cram School

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Mar 27, 2013 17:41
A woman got married to a man and started to lived with her husband's parents then.
After the marriage, she knew that the relationship between her husband and his parents was broken down.

Even though she lives with her husband, her mother-in-law and her three children now, she deserts her husband in her mind .
She never makes her husband put in a ward about their children's education.

Long time ago, she met a woman who comforted her when she had a hard time and she trusted the woman, who ran a cram school.
She made her three little children go to the cram school.
She used to say that the cram school teaches children not only study but also the way to live and they also teach parents.

Her oldest son, who graduated from his collage and is going to work at a company in April , quitted the cram school when he was a junior high school student and she said the son was a bad boy.
Her daughter, who is a college student now, goes to the school even now and she always studies in her room when she is at home.
Her younger son graduated from his high school this month.
He stopped going to school when he was third year student, but his mother made all possible efforts to graduate her son from the high school.

I talked with her oldest son on the cell phone the other day.
He said, "Since the cram school is odd, my brother will be able to take his energy back if he quit the cram school. I don't think my sister isn't happy because she hasn't smiled since she was a junior high school student."
I could have known that he is not a bad boy but a good boy after talking with him.

I doubt the cram school is good.

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