Work in Coorperation

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May 12, 2013 22:35
My husband and I planned to plant rice on May 12.
So, we seeded about three weeks ago and we had grown rice plants for today.
Even though we had a quarrel yesterday, we must have planted rice together today.

First, we brought 110 rice plants to our rice field from the garden by the small truck.
Since I have never seen such nice plants since I came here, I said, "What nice plants they are! They are the best in the past twenty years, aren't they?"
My husband seemed to be glad and replied, "Do you think so?"
I told him that I was sure.

My husband operated a rice-planting machine in the rice field and I helped him.
We got along perfectly while we worked together and we could finish earlier than usual.
I felt our ties during today's work.
He also might feel the same as me.
When we finished planting rice, our relationship got better.