Slum in Nigeria

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Jun 11, 2013 22:28
I read a report written by Agnes Chan who is a member of UNISEF.
She visited Nigeria on a UNISEF mission April 8- 18.

It says that only 20 persent of children go to school in Macoco. The closest public school is an hour's walk and classes are so full that some have as many as 180 students in one classroom. No toilets, no running water, no books, no lunch and not enough teachers are just a few problems they face. Dustbin, another slam, is even worse. Most of the people who live there have nowhere else to go. There are 100,000 street children.Trafficked children, runaway children and children who lost their parents sleep on the streets of Oshodi. Mud and dirt serve as their bedding. Between 8 and 18 years old, they fall victim to gangs, and girls are often sexually abused by boys and men on the streets.

How harsh!
I'm so sad to know there are many children who have to live in such hard surroundings.
It also says that Nigeria ranks seventh among OPEC member nations in terms of crude oil production.
I think Nigerian government should use oil money effectively.