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Jul 28, 2014 17:33
I found a tour of inspection abroad in the city official gazette and applied for it.
After submitting a paper and having an interview for the project, I was selected for one of project's members.
Since last weekend was the first seminar of the project, I stayed overnight with other fourteen women and several members of Women's Group in my prefecture.

The first lecture was about Belgian affairs.
After the one hour lecture, one of the project's members talked to the Belgian lecturer and handed her name card.
Suddenly one of Women's Group members approached her and said angrily, "What're you doing? You mustn't give your personal name card to the lectures. Don't use this group for your personal relationships!"
I was really confused to hear her words.
I didn't know why we weren't allowed to take independent action because I subscribed for the project for myself and payed money for the tour .
People around me also got confused and whispered, "What do they mean by that?"
However, no one made a strong appeal to the angry woman.

They gave us weird orders such as greeting loud voice, not standing out, etc.
We were exhausted with their orders and the woman who was scolded got no appetite.

I don't know why this project has been carried out for more than thirty years by the Women's Group got a commission by my prefecture.

I was really confused